Monday, April 11, 2011

My shop is opening soon :)
feel happy, and tmr we will going to take stock and
take hanphone :) hahaha ~

Missing my laopo mucksss

Monday, March 14, 2011

14th March 2011

Morning when to inanam VE take meet shushu, he pay me Rm120.00 huhu.
Almost afternoon we went to karamunsing, bring my cpu to there do register the Acer super care extended warranty, and change the setting to can ready chinese.
After that we went to TM Point, upgrade the streamyx line to 1000mpbs. Than we went to Aisa City, take my ram to warranty just bought == 2GB but next day take it back warranty.

Than back home.

Happy 1 year & 2 months
I Love You Laopo Muckssss

Pc Fair

Pc fair my dad bought 1 desktop for me, and bought a laptop to my mom.
haha my Desktop Premium Vision AMD / Windows 7 / ATI Graphics / 4GM ram / 500GB hard disk huhu ~~~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hi i am back

Hi i am back... !!

wow long time already
no update my blog ==
will update my blog soon

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Huh bought my water temp meter !!!!
Auto Gauge !!!!!

25th Jan 2011 Tuesday

We out around 11am
went to Lintas took some things about this Saturday and Sunday work.
had out breakfast at Lintas sang nyuk mian.

Went to kolombong giant chicken chop, not bad oh..
after meet all her customer
we went to 1b
had our movie


This movie still not bad some part are very funny and some part touched
the important things is " Tuan Yuan Fan"
Tuan Yuan Fan it's not same as you every day eat with family that type,
it's like eat with big family had talk and fun all was very happy...

Bought some things

Monday, January 24, 2011

KL trip 3days 2 night

KL trip
-Genting Highlands
-Bukit Bintang
-Times Square

21 Jan 2011

Woke up at 4am so early !!
get ready to AirAsia airport :)
until airport check in, had a tea than fly !
was so boring man 2 hour++ and I hate the malay !!

Around 10am arrived KL airport
My "GuGu" and the driver pick us
went to eat huhu so full and nice the food..

Before to Genting Highlands we went to Chin Swee Tample
It's very big the tample and very nice view too.
Until Genting Highland OMG !!! Hotel FULL !!!!
so too bad can't over night at Genting.
after that we saw Snow World !!
There's very nice ! very cold -8C
and we have told some pictures too
4 pcs pictures RM 60.00

The driver bring us went to the Restoran Kolam Ikan
the food nice !! I like the tau fu and the Nou Nya Ikan !!
after eat have to find hotel... went to bukit pintang there.
we find so long, last we found Corona Inn Hotel.

After Check in put our luggage in hotel and bath,
walk together to Sungai Wang and Lot 10
most the shop was closing cause that time already 9 or 10pm
so just bought some supper back to hotel and enjoin...

22 Jan 2011
Woke up at 7am like that
went to a kopi diam there had our breakfast.
we check in another hotel, cause Corona Inn Hotel was a bit far and dirty.
we move to YY 38 Hotel, saw the pictures was so nice, and the room looks,
but too bad it's not same as the pictures the room...

We Walked to Suria KLCC Shopping Center inside Petronas Towers.
we bought ticket of tomorrow Petronas Towers watch the view.
bought the couple watch, and we got couple watch already hehe.
my dad bought 2 small demo long KLCC too.
KLCC Petronas F1

After that the driver fetched us to Time's Square and Sungai Wang.
Wow there's is a lot of people. The price most is RM 10, 15, 20, 25 ==
at Sungai Want just half hour, cause my dad have to meet his friends,
had our dinner beside the Temple, wow the food so nice and the Nou Nya Ikan !!
my dad friend spent this dinner, Thanks..

Next, went to Qi Cheong Gai.
say really i don't like that place !
seller suck !!
after my dad bought 1 beg and the Wo Lai Yeh
than back to hotel.

23 Jan 2011

Woke up very early, cause the KLCC ticket 9am
before that we had our breakfast Chicken Chop =)
after breakfast went to KLCC very nice view
41th floor
Took Family Pictures =)

After that we saw a chocolate shop and we bought some chocolate.
Nice Car 9199
My dad bought for me this :) thanks

Next is went to Sungai Wang
Bought some clothes / pants
RM 180.00

After Sungai Wang, we went to 电子街 at there
I bought Brembo caliper covers !!
Too bad no red colour... Its ok...
Just RM 19.90 only Cheap....

We went to Ampang eat the famous Tau fu !!
Nice and very full !!
after that, the driver fetch us to KL airport almost need half or 1 hour ==
bought some things at airport too..
I bought
AirAsia Mini mouse

This is the first time I with my laopo and my family the farthest trip
I wont forget it, most i want to thanks my dad on the trip he really spent
a lot money already Fly money , Hotel , Food , and many.
Thanks Dad ....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is my shop design :)
Huhuhu ~~~